Corpolates is a health-promoting program for corporations aimed at improving the well-being and condition of employees and the quality of their work in the office.

This is not a ready benefit, which often is not properly used and does not bring the intended results, but it is a comprehensive program tailored to the needs of the company and its employees.


    • Training ACTIVE IN THE OFFICE is the basic workshop for everyone - regardless of age or condition. This workshop is nothing more than a collection of valuable tips and simple methods to deal with typical problems affecting our body during long hours spent in front of the computer.
    • The next step after training Active in the office are organized COMPLEMENTARY TRAININGS in smaller groups depending on the needs of the participants. An analysis of these needs is carried out during the first training and each participant will be able to sign up for a complementary workshop corresponding to his needs.

      Complementary trainings:

      • SPINE - how to help him – training for back problems and how to solve them through the daily activities in the office and in the leisure time.
      • AUTO-MASSAGE WITH BALLS – workshop using professional balls for deep muscle massage. Reduction of muscles tension.
      • STRESS REDUCTION – breathing techniques – training how to oxygenate the body in each situation - the best breathing exercises to help reduce the stress and improve the work of the whole body.
      • WALKING ACADEMY – training for walking/running lovers and for people who have problems with lower limb pain – to know how to eliminate previous errors in foot work which can lead to serious injuries.
      • PILATESPRESSO - exercises for waking up – the most effective Pilates exercises to stimulate the whole body.
      • PILATES - evening relaxing session – exercises to relax and regenerate tired muscles after a whole day.
  2. ERGONIMIC AUDIT in the office - analysis and individual adaptation of the workplace to the needs of each employee.
  3. FIT OFFICE - VISUALIZATIONS OF EXERCISES ON LCD SCREENS – a new exercise / tip appears every week to motivate you to be active in the office and consolidate the training learned during the workshops
  4. PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE SESSIONS 15 / 30min on a bed or massage chair (depending on the room) - 3-6h cycle - once or twice a week.
  5. PHYSIOTHERAPIST CONSULTATIONS – sessions with a physiotherapist combined with massage or without massage
  6. MINDFULNESS: 4 weeks course: Introduction to Mindfulness and weekly practices – Mindfulness helps reduce stress and tension in the body, calm down and respond in a way more aware of stressful situations. It soothes the nervous system, helps you better understand yourself and communicate with others. Weekly group practice helps to maintain regularity and put into practice the skills acquired during the course.


Hello my name is Monika.

The CORPOLATES project is the result of my many years of work as a Pilates trainer. The inspiration to create the program for corporations were people who came to me to classes with serious body problems after several years of work in corporations. I decided to use my knowledge and experience and help them.

Today, through my pro-health program, I propose comprehensive office care. I educate people what to do to feel good in the office and I give them motivation to act.

My motto is "CORPOLATES - a small steps to great changes" because we often don't realize that through small changes in our lives we can achieve unimaginable effects - that's what I want to prove!

I encourage you to learn the more of the CORPOLATES program.


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“The Corpolates training actively and productively reminds about proper body posture and movement necessary when you work long hours by your desk, with a participation of a physiotherapist and her professional knowledge and consultancy (…)”


Draftsman for Engineering Department in CERN

“This wonderful, cost-saving and practical form of exercise is ideal and beneficial for all. Especially those who work long hours and therefore lack the time to Workout or go to Gym everyday, every week. CORPOLATES can do wonders for the body, tone it, keep it in perfect shape and prevent all sorts of aches and pains. It is widely recommended for all, young and old, at the Office, or even at Home.”


“I participated in Monika's workshop at work and I truly liked it. It was really new for me as I had never practice pilates in my life and would not imagine that we could apply it at work also. I learned a lot of great tips that I am still applying today. It's not only efficient but also very easy to integrate into your daily worklife. And she's a great teacher too ! ;) ”


sign up for a training

E-mail or telephone registration for companies and individuals (the training will take place with a minimum of 10 participants).

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