Corpolates program is created for all people who spend long hours in sitting position.

The purpose of the training is to improve the overall body condition, well-being and quality of work without leaving the office and even without interrupting daily duties.

The Corpolates training program is also adapted to the needs of people who not always can dedicate enough time for other form of training in the free time.

The workshops take place at the client's office. It is also possible to organize training outside the office. To organize the workshop you only need a room equipped with a projector, chairs and tables so that the participants can sit comfortably. Trainings are conducted for a group of min. 10 people.

Feel free to contact me to register for the CORPOLATES workshop!


ACTIVE IN THE OFFICE 1 is the first and basic training of the entire training program, giving practical tips to effectively use the time spent in the office and with little effort to improve the body fitness. Workshop for min. 10 people - duration: 1.5 hours.

ACTIVE IN THE OFFICE 2 – this training is the second part of the ACTIVE IN THE OFFICE. It is a verification of the office training arranged by the participants of workshop: ACTIVE IN THE OFFICE 1. It helps to adapt their daily routine to the each person’s needs. It is individual training with each employee, at their desks - about 15-20 min for each person.

SPINE RECOVERY - training devoted to the problems of the spine and solving them through daily activities in the office and in the free time. Workshop for min. 10 people - duration: 1h.

POWER OF BREATH - training how to oxygenate the body in every situation - the best breathing exercises to support the condition of the whole body. Workshop for min. 10 people - duration: 45 min.

WALKING ACADEMY - training for lovers of walking and running - how to eliminate the existing mistakes in the feet work, which can lead to serious injuries. Workshop for min. 10 people - duration: 1h.

PILATESPRESSO - HOME WORKOUT - the most effective Pilates exercise for arousal and regeneration of the body after a whole day. Workshop for min. 10 people - duration: 1.5 hours.



Hello, my name is Monika.

I am an experienced Pilates trainer certified by MK Pilates. I would like to tell you a short story about me, Pilates and about my training program.

More than 10 years ago like almost every student of economics I started working in a big company – couple of years in financial audit, accounting and then trying myself in my own business. So what did it mean? Years of long hours in front of a computer. Long hours in a sitting position. Killer to the spine and the body! This is when I said to myself “Common” it is enough! – “I am young, healthy but my body suffers a lot” . I was already a Pilates Instructor at that time so I decided to develop the exercises to suit my body needs.


It was when I kicked off the work and I focused on Pilates in 100%. After few years working in Poland with people who came to my training to recover their body, I moved to Switzerland. There I continued my Pilates experience and it was the time when I created and started develop my Training Program. I called it CORPOLATES. Pilates for Corporate World.

Through my workshop I would like to show that very simply exercises – regular daily routine during the work can help recover our bodies even without leaving office and even without interrupting the work.

I encourage you to know more details about my workshop and contact me to organize it in your company.


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“The Corpolates training actively and productively reminds about proper body posture and movement necessary when you work long hours by your desk, with a participation of a physiotherapist and her professional knowledge and consultancy (…)”


Draftsman for Engineering Department in CERN

“This wonderful, cost-saving and practical form of exercise is ideal and beneficial for all. Especially those who work long hours and therefore lack the time to Workout or go to Gym everyday, every week. CORPOLATES can do wonders for the body, tone it, keep it in perfect shape and prevent all sorts of aches and pains. It is widely recommended for all, young and old, at the Office, or even at Home.”


“I participated in Monika's workshop at work and I truly liked it. It was really new for me as I had never practice pilates in my life and would not imagine that we could apply it at work also. I learned a lot of great tips that I am still applying today. It's not only efficient but also very easy to integrate into your daily worklife. And she's a great teacher too ! ;) ”


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phone +48 608 357 501

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